Lent Course 2017

Lent Course 2017 - ‘Making Connections’ - All Welcome!

We live in a complex and compartmentalised society, with relationships and parts of our lives often taking place in very different places. Yet God calls us to be whole people in an increasingly complex world. This course will explore the various aspects of our lives and how we can live more holistically as Christian people, rather than as ‘Church Go-ers’.

All are welcome whether you are new to St. John’s Church, have never been to church or you are an established member. You are welcome whatever your background, life story or education. The course provides a great opportunity to spend time with others in a relaxed and informal setting and think about how we relate our faith to our day-to-day lives.

8pm Wednesdays                              9:30am Thursdays

8th March                                         9th March

15th March                                       16th March

22nd March                                       23nd March

29th March                                       30th March

5th April                                            6th April


The sessions will include:

Connecting with Self (God with me),

Connecting with Home (God with me at home)

Connecting with Work (God with me at Work)

Connecting with Community (God with me in the Community)

Connecting with God (God with me)

We hope you will be able to be a part and join in with one of the groups.

Everybody is welcome, refreshments at hand!



Rev'd Alan Bradford