Acts Resources

This is a page of resources as we look at the Book of Acts.

More resources will be added.


Preliminary Information

  • The Book of Acts was written by Doctor Luke!
  • Luke also wrote the Gospel of Luke and so Acts is part 2 of his 2 book series!
  • The book covers about 30 years of events.
  • It was written sometime between 60-70AD


This 5 minute children's video on Acts 1 & 2 is great for adults too!

Another adult video below! (More will be added)

This 6 minute video gives an overview of the first part of Acts.

In Jerusalem! Watch it a few times and look up the events in your Bible!

Bishop  Pete speaking on our series (Stephen)



We will be thinking in terms of Acts being split into the sections 

1) in Jerusalem 2) in all judea and Samaria

3) to the ends of the earth ( see Acts 1:8)


Quiz on Acts Chapter 1 click here ('Word' file) Andswers click here



This is a detailed breakdown of what's in each chapter!