Eco Actions


  • Eat less dairy                     
  • Eat locally and seasonally
  • Eat less meat                     
  • Waste less food



  • Buy less fast fashion             
  • Buy goods made closer to home
  • Plan your home deliveries     
  • Keep electronics longer



  • Install a heat pump               
  • Be more energy efficient
  • Insulate your home               
  • Switch to green energy tariff



  • Meet online more                 
  • Take fewer flights
  • Buy an electric car               
  • Reduce car journeys


Green Spaces

  • Keep your lawn                     
  • Plant a tree
  • Add green space at home   
  • Get involved with Community Green Space


Here is the 'Top 20' according to the thousands of people who voted on The One Show poll.

Do you agree with this order? Which placings surprise you?

What new action(s) will you be taking?

1. Food: Eat less meat

2. Food: Eat locally and seasonally

3. Food: Waste less food

4. Food: Eat less dairy

5. Shopping: Buy less fast fashion

6. Home: Be more energy efficient

7. Green spaces: Keep your lawn

8. Shopping: Buy goods made closer to home

9. Travel: Buy an electric car

10. Travel: Reduce car journeys

11. Green spaces: Plant a tree

12. Travel: Take fewer flights

13. Shopping: Keep electronics longer

14. Home: Insulate your home

15. Home: Switch to green energy tariff

16. Shopping: Plan your home deliveries

17. Home: Install a heat pump

18. Travel: Meet online more

19. Green spaces: Add green space at home

20. Green spaces: Get involved with Community Green Space