Role Holders Privacy Notice

Privacy Notice for Role Holders

This is for anyone at St. John's who holds a role, position or is a member of staff.

The 'General Privacy Notice' also applies to role holders and should be read as well.

This, below,  contains the 'extra bits' that apply to role holders.


How do we process your personal data?

We use your personal data for some or all of the following purposes (for example some of the role-holders are volunteers and no financial information will be processed for these role holders): -

  • To enable those who undertake pastoral care duties as appropriate (e.g. visiting the bereaved);
  • To manage our employees and volunteers;
  • To process a grant or application for a role;
  • To share your contact details with the Diocesan office so they can keep you informed about news in the diocese and events, activities and services that will be occurring in the diocese and in which you may be interested.
  • We will process data about role holders for legal, personnel, administrative and management purposes and to enable us to meet our legal obligations, for example to pay role-holders, monitor their performance and to confer benefits in connection with your engagement as a Role Holder. “Role Holders” includes volunteers, employees, contractors, agents, staff, retirees, temporary employees, beneficiaries, workers, treasurers and other role holders.
  • We may process sensitive personal data relating to Role Holders including, as appropriate:
    • information about an Role Holder's physical or mental health or condition in order to monitor sick leave and take decisions as to the Role Holder's fitness for work;
    • the Role Holder's racial or ethnic origin or religious or similar information in order to monitor compliance with equal opportunities legislation;
    • in order to comply with legal requirements and obligations to third parties.

The data controllers process some or all of the following to perform necessary tasks.

  • Non-financial identifiers such as passport numbers, driving license numbers, vehicle registration numbers, taxpayer identification numbers, employee identification numbers, tax reference codes, and national insurance numbers.
  • Financial identifiers such as bank account numbers, payment card numbers, payment/transaction identifiers, policy numbers, and claim numbers.
  • Financial information such as salary, bonus, record of earnings, tax code, tax and benefits contributions, expenses claimed, creditworthiness, amounts insured, and amounts claimed.
  • Other operational personal data created, obtained, or otherwise processed in the course of carrying out our activities, including but not limited to, CCTV footage, recordings of telephone conversations, IP addresses and website visit histories, logs of visitors, and logs of accidents, injuries and insurance claims.
  • Other employee data (not covered above) relating to  Role Holders including emergency contact information; gender, birth date, referral source (e.g. agency, employee referral); level, performance management information, languages and proficiency; licences/certificates, citizenship, immigration status; employment status, retirement date; billing rates, office location, practice and speciality; publication and awards for articles, books etc.; prior job history, employment references and personal biographies.
  • The data we process is likely to constitute sensitive personal data because, as a church, the fact that we process your data at all may be suggestive of your religious beliefs. Where you provide this information, we may also process other categories of sensitive personal data: racial or ethnic origin, sex life, mental and physical health, details of injuries, medication/treatment received, political beliefs, labour union affiliation, genetic data, biometric data, data concerning sexual orientation and criminal records, fines and other similar judicial records.

What is the legal basis for processing your personal data?

We will also process your data in order to assist you in fulfilling your role in the church including pastoral and administrative support or if processing is necessary for compliance with a legal obligation.