A warm welcome to you from all at St. John's!

    New & wanting to visit? - come as you are and make yourself at home!

    Remembrance Day Service(s) and Mandolin Monday Gig details below.

    It's nearly Show Time at All Stars (our monthly time for parent(s) with children).

    For Children In Need. Fri 15 Nov 2019(5.45) for 6pm start. Click here for details.

    We look forward to the possibility of meeting you.

    Alan (the Vicar)


                                                                     Click on poster below for more details





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  • UCB Prayerline is all about bringing God into the equation of your life. This confidential service is available to you whoever you are and whatever background you come from. Trained Christian volunteers will take your call and pray for you and with you.


    one four six three two
    Our Prayer Line opens again at 9am